Miss Nichols Hills 2019

Catelin is currently a senior at the University of Oklahoma pursing a degree in Fashion Marketing with a minor in Professional Selling. She works at an oral surgeons office in the Edmond.

Catelin’s social impact cause is A D.O.S.E of Prevention: Combating America’s Opioid Epidemic. D.O.S.E. stands for Disposal, Observance, Support, and Education. Through her efforts to educate Oklahoma’s about narcotic safety and enact legislation that prevents narcotic abuse, Catelin has partnered with The Oklahoma Commission on Opioid Abuse and she is currently the spokesperson for the “Safe Trips for Scripts” program through the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. She has visited various schools and enjoys talking to children about making healthy and positive life choices. She hopes to write a children’s book that appropriately opens the conversation of abstaining from drugs.

Catelin also teaches a suicide prevention program in middle schools and high schools through the HeartLand Organization. H.E.L.P allows students to learn coping mechanism and how to ask for help when they need it.

Most recently, Catelin has joined the volunteer program at the Children’s Miracle Hospital working in the neonatal unit. Catelin’s job is to cuddle and bond with baby’s born into opioid and drug dependency.